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digital solutions
It has been an exceptional pleasure collaborating with TFM and IFG for the past year and a half. I genuinely believe that our strong work ethic, superior products, and optimization contributions have proven to be valuable assets to our clients during this period. We are enthusiastic about being a part of what lies ahead.

As we enter 2024, our unwavering commitment remains steadfast, and we are fully dedicated to continuing and improving our contributions to the success of TFM and IFG.
Graeme Bosworth

Executive Summary

Oxydev Web & Software Developers (Pty) Ltd, a private company, was registered in June 2023 with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in South Africa. Its primary focus is serving its US clients, TopFire Media, Inc., and iFranchise Group, Inc.

Led by the director, Mrs. Junia D Bosworth, and the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Graeme Bosworth, the company operates in full compliance with South African tax laws and is duly registered with the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Vision & Mission Statements


Charting a course toward a robust future, we envision a landscape where enduring client relationships are the cornerstone of our and our clients’ success.


Our mission is to consistently deliver high-quality work, enhance service delivery, and play an indispensable role in shaping the future success of our clients' companies.


Junia Bosworth

Mrs. Junia Bosworth brings a wealth of experience in human resources and administrative services to her role as the Director of Oxydev. With a strong background in HR and proficiency in managing administrative functions, she plays a pivotal role in steering the company towards success.

Background and Expertise:
Mrs. Bosworth's journey in the corporate world has been marked by a dedication to fostering positive workplace environments and streamlining operational efficiency. Her expertise extends to strategic workforce planning, talent acquisition, and performance management.

Key Contributions:
As the Director of Oxydev, Mrs. Bosworth oversees the HR and administrative services, ensuring that the company operates in compliance with best practices and industry standards. Her strategic leadership aligns the team with the company's goals, creating a harmonious and productive workplace.

Mrs. Bosworth envisions Oxydev as a hub of innovation and excellence, where every team member contributes to the company's growth and success.

Graeme Bosworth

Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO and Lead Web & Graphic Designer of Oxydev, Mr. Graeme Bosworth combines visionary leadership with a passion for creating visually stunning and technologically advanced web solutions. With a wealth of experience in the industry, he has played a key role in shaping Oxydev's identity as a dynamic and client-centric company.

Background and Expertise:
Mr. Bosworth's journey in web development spans over two decades, during which he has cultivated a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of the digital landscape. His proficiency extends to various programming languages, including HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and more. As a lead designer, he has mastered popular page builders like Oxygen, Divi, Elementor, and Thesis.

Key Contributions:
In his role as CEO, Mr. Bosworth leads Oxydev with a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. He actively engages in client collaborations, ensuring that each project receives the personal touch of his expertise. As the Lead Web & Graphic Designer, he brings creativity and innovation to the forefront of every web and design project undertaken by Oxydev.

Why Choose Oxydev?

Choosing us means investing in a team that values integrity, responsibility, and a strong work ethic. Our team, composed of South African veteran professionals, brings a unique blend of cost-effectiveness, high-quality talent, and flexibility. We are well-versed in remote work, adept at managing time differences, and possess excellent communication skills. Our commitment to ethics is reflected in our actions, as we foster an environment where honesty is practiced and misconduct is promptly addressed. We believe in balancing hard work with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, ensuring a sustainable and efficient work environment. Choose us for a partnership that values dedication, integrity, and mutual growth.

What We Do

Web Development

With two decades of dedicated experience with WordPress, we have honed our expertise to a level of mastery. Over this time, we've not only become proficient in various programming languages but have also cultivated a diverse skill set that enhances our capacity to craft memorable websites. Our proficiency extends to popular page builders like Oxygen, Divi, Elementor, and Thesis, complemented by the ability to hand-code stunning websites.

In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize understanding user experience dynamics, tailoring our approach to how diverse demographics interact with the web.

Beyond coding prowess, we excel in managing and administering diverse hosting environments, handling troubleshooting, deploying projects, and more. Our commitment is to leverage our comprehensive skills to deliver exceptional web solutions.

Graphic Design

Our team of skilled graphic designers is proficient in both the Adobe Creative Suite and the Affinity suite of design tools, enabling us to deliver high-quality, impactful designs. Our expertise spans across various aspects of graphic design, including layout design, typography, color theory, and branding. We are adept at using advanced features of these design tools to create visually appealing and effective designs that meet our clients’ needs. Our fluency in these industry-leading design suites allows us to work efficiently, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.

Staffing Outsourcing

Outsource with Confidence:

One of our key offerings is staffing outsourcing, a solution designed to alleviate the burden of recruitment from our clients. By choosing Oxydev for your staffing needs, you place the responsibility and risk on us, allowing you to focus on your core business functions. We act as an extension of your team, ensuring that you have the right talent without the hassle of recruitment processes.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Adaptability is at the core of our staffing solutions. Whether you need short-term projects or long-term engagements, our flexible staffing services cater to your specific requirements. Scale your team up or down based on project demands, providing you with the agility to respond to changing business needs.

Dedicated Support:

Our commitment to excellence extends to our staffing services. We ensure that the talent we provide aligns with your company culture and project requirements. With Oxydev as your staffing partner, you gain access to a dedicated support team that manages the entire recruitment lifecycle, from sourcing to onboarding.

Mitigating Risks:

When you choose Oxydev for staffing outsourcing, you transfer the risks associated with hiring and employment to us. We handle compliance, HR processes, and employee management, allowing you to navigate your projects without the administrative burdens.

Remote Administrative Services

At Oxydev, we understand the evolving nature of business operations, especially in a digital era where remote work is becoming increasingly prevalent. Our Remote Administrative Services leverage cutting-edge technology and our team's proficiency to provide seamless and efficient support, no matter where your business operates.

We are adept at handling a wide range of administrative tasks. From scheduling appointments to managing emails and coordinating meetings, we ensure that your daily operations run smoothly.


By outsourcing your administrative tasks to Oxydev, you benefit from cost-effective solutions. Pay for the services you need without the overhead costs associated with hiring in-house staff.

Our remote administrative services are designed to adapt to your business's unique requirements. Whether you need ongoing support or assistance during peak periods, we offer flexible solutions to suit your needs.

Time Savings:
Free up valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives by entrusting routine administrative tasks to our dedicated team. We handle the details, allowing you to concentrate on driving business growth.

Security and Compliance:
Oxydev prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your sensitive information. Our remote administrative services adhere to industry standards, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Content Writing

Our Content Writing services go beyond mere words – we engage in in-depth client research to create website content that not only captures the essence of your brand but also resonates with your target audience.
Our content writing process begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s business and objectives. We conduct in-depth client research to grasp the unique value propositions, industry nuances, and target audience demographics.
Our client-focused approach results in content that authentically represents your brand. From tone and style to key messaging, we create content that strengthens your brand identity and fosters a connection with your audience.
Our commitment to SEO optimization means that your website content is not only reader-friendly but also search engine-friendly. Enjoy improved search rankings and increased organic traffic with our strategic content approach.

Thank you!

At Oxydev, we are not just developers, designers, or administrators; we are a passionate team dedicated to bringing your digital visions to life. Our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and innovative solutions is at the core of everything we do.

As we forge ahead into the digital landscape, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge web development, compelling graphic design, efficient staffing solutions, or a partner to navigate the intricacies of remote administrative services, Oxydev is here to exceed your expectations.

Thank you for considering Oxydev as your digital partner. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and create lasting impressions together. Let's build something extraordinary.

Best Regards,